Poker Mistakes

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One of the biggest poker mistakes that inexperienced and poor players make is calling when they have bad hands. The thinking goes like this: “Well I’ve got a Queen, 7 so if I get a Queen on the flop I should be winning and if I get a Queen and a 7 I’m bound to take down a big hand.


Stop dreaming and start concentrating on reality. You will NOT win a big pot with a Queen, 7. OK you might if you get lucky, are extremely aggressive or the other players happen to have even worse hands than you but in the main it will just not happen. By the way I’m only taking this hand as an example, there are dozens of equally bad hands that you should throw away to avoid major poker mistakes.

Say for example you’re at a ten player tournament table. If you are in early position with your Q 7 and you call, you have just about guaranteed that you’ve lost your money. What if somebody after you raises? Do you think that Q 7 is going to be winning? If you’ve any sense then you fold, unless you have a read on the raiser and re-raise him to try and force him out of the hand, which is obviously a very dangerous play.

But say you are stubborn or extremely curious and you need to get a look at the flop. Anything other than a Queen and you are struggling big time. What if the flop comes 4 9 J all different suits? Where do you see yourself? The other guy has raised so the chances are he might have an Ace or King or a pair, he’s unlikely to have raised with a worse hand than you have. You are now in a position where all you can hope for is to be able to check and see the next card, which itself is also very unlikely as your opponent has raised pre-flop and will probably bet again after the flop.

You will need to throw in your cards or pay even more to try and catch a Queen on the turn or river. And if the flop had been something like A 7 3, you would have to fold to any bet as they would be representing the Ace even if they didn’t have one.

So stop calling with hands like Queen 7, or indeed Jack 5 or 10 8, especially in big tables of 8 – 10 players and even more especially in early position in the hand. If you play these hands when you are in the dealer position or the blinds then you have a chance to limp in and get lucky, but you MUST fold them in early position.

If you don’t you will be bled dry by the blinds. All these little R20 and R30 calls you make soon add up and leave you with less money to play with when you do get a decent hand.

So avoid big poker mistakes and fold your rubbish hands!

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